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Danny Stonestreet

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Danny Stonestreet

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  The Neighbors The Neighbors U-PLAY Records Sept 28, 1963
  John and Sharon Taken in Smiley Burnett’s back yard soon after our return from Hawaii in 1965.
  Hawaii At the Kaala Service Club Schfield Brks. Hawaii
  Philippines John and Sharon in the Philippines performing at Clark AFB
  Golden Nugget Leightons at Golden Nugget, Las Vegas
  The Band
John Noreen | Johnny Blankenship | Sharon Joe Sola | Tedd Ginn
  Johnny Blankenship ... plays guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and sometimes piano and steel guitar and drums.
  Roscoe Whorton ... played piano with John and Sharon just before John had to quit working
  Rod Culpepper No Picture available Please contact Sharon Joyner
  Don "Buck' Felts No Picture available Please contact Sharon Joyner
  Ted Ginn Tedd Ginn
  Curly Harris Curly Harris
  Wayne Moore Check out Wayne's web site! Wayne Moore
  Joe Sola ... started his music career with John and Sharon in 1966, when he was just 18.
  Danny Stonestreet Danny Stonestreet
  Skeeter Stultz 1969 5th Academy of Country Music Awards was nominated for the best Steel Guitar
  Doug Vaughan No Picture available Please contact Sharon Joyner
  Ray Williams Ray Williams
  Sharon Leighton Pictured playing drums. Lead vocal and guitar
  Under Construction  
  Under Construction  
  Freddy W. / Corky M. John, Freddy Weller, Sharon, Corky Mayberry
  Tex Ritter Tex Ritter with Leightons at the Nashville West
  Gene Bowman Gene Bowman (club owner from Australia)
  Jack Armstrong Jack Armstrong, guitar player who is retired due to health problems. Formerly owned and operated Country Music magazine with partner Roscoe Whorton ...
  Del & Sue Smart Del & Sue Smart
  Music City News Sharon Leighton, Johnny Bond, Tex Williams
Merle Travis and Eddie Dean
  Under Construction  
  Under Construction  
  Under Construction  
  Johnny Western He is probably best known to western fans as the writer of 'The Ballad of Paladin' theme song
  Tex Williams His popularity peaked in the late 1940s. Williams is perhaps best-known for this talking blues style.
  Eddie Dean ... one of the seven Hollywood "Singing Cowboys" who achieved prominence for both his musical western films and his Country vocals.
  Sheb Wooley In the late 1950s, he embarked on a recording career, and recorded the song that made him famous ..."People Eater". Wooley also wrote the theme song for the long-running television show "Hee Haw".
  Ernest Tubb He was the sixth person to be elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and a regular performer on the Opry from 1943 to the time of his death.
  Don Sutton [Sharon] had the opportunity (after John died) to sing the National Anthem at Angel Stadium. They took me down into the dugout for a photo op with my old friend Don Sutton and I also got to meet Steve Garvey.
  Mayf Nutter Mayf Nutter came out of a northern West Virginia background to enjoy a varied career as a musician and actor.
  Skeets McDonald

Skeets McDonald migrated from the Ozarks to California via Detroit (where he scored a huge hit with The Tattooed Lady), and became a fixture at Capitol Records.

  Wynn Stewart The Leightons with guest. Wynn Stewart Starland, Bellflower -1966
  Al Bruno Al Bruno ACM award winning guitar player. Top notch studio musician now living in Las Vegas where he does record producing and works shows at clubs around town.
  "Smiley" Burnette Smiley had two well known trademarks during his career; his floppy hat and his white horse with a black circle around one eye.
  Marvin Joyner Marvin and Sharon Joyner
  My Testimony I worked with John as the distaff part of a duo, “The Leightons,” and soon we added two musicians to form a band, which we called “Country Sounds.”
  Dad O'Hearn  
  My Mother  
  My Dad  
  John Leighton  
  Marvin Joyner In 1966, Marvin Joyner became our fan club president and best friend.
  Sons and Daughters This picture was taken Christmas 2002. It was taken at my son's house. This is my daughter Sharlee, my son Gene, me and Marvin.
  Grandchildren This picture is also at Gene's house Christmas 2002.The little one on your left is my daughter's youngest, Savanna. Across the back is Brice ...
  Campus Crusade  
  Country Gospel  
  Eyes on Christ